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Date: 26/12/2015 05/01/2016 (10 days)

Price: 1200 EUR/ pers.

Yacht: Exclusive catamaran Lipari 41 (2011) 4 double cab. + 1 single cab.; 2 baths (pictures in the gallery below)

Details: http://client.sednasystem.com/boat/boatdisp.asp?id_boat=21982

Type of cruise: Tidal

Archipelago: Lesser Antilles (Leeward Islands)

Lipari 41 (4)


Lipari 41 (10)















Route: (Leewards Islands) Martinique – Dominica – Guadeloupe (greeting the New Year) Montserrat Saint Nevis Martinique

Map: http://pl.easyyachting.eu/rejsy-na-karaibach-2013-2014

Kopia (2) Caribbean - Leewards islands














The cruise begins in Le Marin in Martinique, and the first 1-2 days we will spend exploring this paradise island.

Then we will go on Dominica, which lies outside the main tourist routes, which allowed the preservation of the natural beauty there. The two-hour trek to waterfalls hidden in the jungle guarantees communing with wildlife. Take on the Indian River flowing through the mangrove forest, where he filmed a few scenes Pirates of the Caribbean !

The next island on the route is Guadeloupe, St. Nevis and return to Martinique.

26-27/12 Embarkation

The cruise begins in Le Marin in Martinique, where we will spend the first night, the next day going to explore the island.

28/12 We leave from Le Marin west along the southern coast of Martinique. Overnight stay in the bay of Anse l’Ane situated opposite the island’s capital Fort de France.

29/12 We go north to spend the night to reach the Gulf of Couleuvre.

30/12 Today we leave Martinique astern and beat more than 20-mile strait that separates it from Dominica. We stop at Loubiere. Dominica lies outside the main tourist routes, which allowed the preservation of the natural beauty there.

31/12 Before a fun New Year’s Eve we recommend the two-hour trek to waterfalls hidden in the jungle Victoria, which guarantees communing with wildlife.

1/01 On the first day of the new year should go at the Indian River flowing through the mangrove forest, where was filmed a few scenes Pirates of the Caribbean.

2/01 We sail north of Dominica, where we will dock in Portsmouth.

3/01 We go to Guadeloupe, famous among other things for its fantastic diving sites. Particularly noteworthy is the marine park Jacques Cousteau, who declared this area as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world.

4/01 We’re heading south or more north of Guadalupe. (Depending on the time)

5/01 Visiting Montserrat we will see the effects of the volcanic eruption of 1995, which destroyed the southern part of the island.

5/01 Being next point on our route Saint Kitts and Nevis are two adjacent islands and at the same time the state of them complex. Covered with coconut palms, surrounded by beautiful beaches and coral reefs are ideal for blissful relaxation.

5/01 Disembarkation (Martinique)

Route may change depending on: weather conditions, the condition of the crew, port infrastructure, your wishes and dreams 😉 !


Karaiby (2)









Sunny Caribbean cruise is the best way to winter blues and take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. While in your country is snowing or raining and it feels like spring at all had not come, you savor the sound of the waves, perfect weather, unusual landscapes, blue seas, drinks in coconuts and reggae music in the background.

Caribbean is the perfect place to take a break from the daily routine and total relaxation. They are surrounded by azure water and climate prevails on them, which will not meet anywhere else. Treat yourself to a winter rest and take us on an unforgettable cruise around the Caribbean.


Karaiby (4)











In the Caribbean from November to May homely, warm sunny weather, air temperature during the day is 25-30 deg. C, water 27-31 ° C. At this stage there is no danger hurricane, and the constant 24 passat wind NE (15- 25 knots, 4-5 on the Beaufort scale) creates ideal conditions for sailing and ensures well-being (there is no effect stench and high humidity).

Emerald, clear and warm water, full of fish and turtles makes you not want to go out with her. It’s also the perfect place for professional scuba diving (for volunteers organize underwater excursions with a local guide).

The Caribbean island is also full of beautiful, tropical green, with lush forests, active volcanoes, waterfalls and interesting cities. During the cruise there will be time to explore the islands, expeditions into the jungle or a long night parties around the rhythmic Creole music (reggae, calypso) – played live. Excellent cuisine, seafood and fresh fish is just what is waiting for us every day. Prices in restaurants are similar to ours, you can benefit from exclusive restaurants or local bars.

Price includes: place in a double or single-cab, bed sheets and towels, basic or extended training under the guidance of skipper, skipper care, help in food supplies in Martinique, an unforgettable adventure on a luxury catamaran ! 😉

Price does not include:

Airline tickets
Food (EUR 150 / pers.) Including alcohol, coated with a yacht contribution, settled after the cruise
Skippers food (covered by the common cash yacht)
Port fees and administrative costs and premium on yacht fuel (200 EUR / pers.), settled after the cruise
Insurance deposit (50 EUR / pers.)
Reduced refundable deposit (80 EUR / pers.)
Catamaran final cleaning (40 EUR / pers.)
Airport transfers
Possible accommodation in Paris, Berlin, London etc.
Registration fees on the islands
Scuba diving and excursions
Insurance crew KL, NNW, KR, BP, Travel Insurance
Own expenses


In the area in which we’re going to sails only US Virgin Islands require holders of Polish passports entry visa (US). US visa can also be useful when British Virgin Islands crew will be flying the US (cheaper tickets).

The authorities of other countries / islands we visit, do not require visas for holders of Polish, Canadian or American passports.

You have to check it in your country !


Airports in the Lesser Antilles: Grenada, Barbadaos St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Antigua, St. Martin





















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You can find really attractive connections to Martinique from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover, Paris, London, Prague, Barcelona; Now for about 450- 600 EUR



50% in EUR – when booking (cabin or berth)
50% in EUR – up to 20/11/2015
100% in EUR – the reservation after the deadline 21/11/2015
Bank account:
eMax EUR: 72 1140 2004 0000 3412 0388 8278 (mBank)

Radosław Gocki
ul. Bielska 51/4, 45-401 Opole

In the title, insert: CARIBBEAN Cruise New Year’s Eve

Date of payment determines the choice of cabins / berths !

Insurance deposit (50 EUR), reduced refundable deposit (80 EUR), final cleaning (40 EUR), food supply (150 EUR), port charges, administrative and premium fuel for yachts (200 EUR) payable per person on-site at the marina.


call: +48 504 411 691
e-mail: radoslaw.gocki@gmail.com

fb: https://www.facebook.com/radoslaw.gocki

Must be collected group of 8 people not including skipper !